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Welcome to Welwyn Laser Hair Removal Hertfordshire

Laser Hair Removal and Laser Skin Treatments

Welwyn Laser Hair provide cutting edge technology and scientific skin care that delivers results. We are at the forefront of the anti-ageing market. We offer effective non-surgical alternatives to surgery. Laser-IPL - the treatment that gives so much more as seen on TV’s - 10 years younger.

Our Laser-IPL services include permanent* hair removal, facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and thread vein removal treatments, giving you complete control over how you look and feel.

Welwyn Laser Hair is based in Welwyn and offers quality laser treatments including laser hair removal by experienced professionals.

Laser laser hair removal has many benefits: it’s safe, effective, potentially permanent* and virtually painless.

Why not contact us now  on 01534 887244 and book your free initial consultation session.

*outcomes may vary for individual users